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Mouthguards- The best Bodyguard for your Teeth

A number of oral health issues, including severe infections and tooth decay, can be brought on by broken teeth. This is why it is Palm Tree Dental recommends using a mouthguard in circumstances like contact sports where there is a chance of jawbone and tooth trauma. Mouth guards are external layers of protection that you […]


Replace Your Missing Teeth with Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a popular way to repair lost teeth. On either side of the gap caused by the missing teeth, a bridge of replacement teeth, called pontics, is linked to crowns or the neighboring natural teeth. They are a fantastic technique to revive the look and quality of your smile following tooth loss, […]


Bone Grafting: Who Really Needs It

The goal of bone grafting, a significant dental procedure, is to augment the quantity of bone mass in certain jaw regions. This is typically done in regions where greater bone support is needed for a dental device like a dental implant to be accepted. It is possible to surgically fuse new bone to an existing […]


Learn About the Latest in Cosmetic Dentistry

The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to correct problems that detract from the aesthetics of your teeth. When it comes to the appearance of their teeth, stains are among the most frequent complaints people have. No matter how well you care for your teeth, eventually they will become discolored. How to treat discolored teeth with […]


Benefits of a Fixed Bridge

Patients who have missing teeth may find relief using dental bridges. Speaking and eating may be more difficult due to the space the missing tooth has left. A dental bridge fixes the prosthetic crown that replaces the missing tooth with healthy teeth on either side of the space. Why Choose Dental Bridges? A good oral […]


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