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Ultrasonic Scaling: Here Is What You Need to Know

Ultrasonic Scaling: Here Is What You Need to Know

Let’s first go through the definition of scaling in general before delving into the area of ultrasonic scaling and its advantages. Your teeth and gum line may have plaque buildup because of poor oral hygiene practices and other circumstances. Your dentist will advise you to undergo scaling if the problem is severe and your teeth require immediate and thorough cleaning.

Ultrasonic Scaling: What is it?

With this scaling treatment, we will thoroughly clean the plaque accumulation in your teeth. Your teeth can occasionally be in such bad shape that regular brushing is insufficient. When that happens, Palm Tree Dental in Ingleside, Texas. will advise you to get scaling. Consider it a deeper cleansing for your teeth than what regular brushing can offer. In this process, your dentist will essentially scrape the plaque buildup from the surfaces of your teeth and the deep spaces that have developed between them and your gums.

Ultrasonic Scaling

After giving you a brief overview of scaling, let’s move on to discussing what ultrasonic scaling entails. Speaking of the device, the ultrasonic scaler produces a lot of vibration. The dental calculus or plaque that has accumulated on the teeth and gums is broken down with this powerful vibration. The bacterial waves are broken up by the shockwaves. Because of the extremely high frequency of the vibration that is emitted, the technique is known as ultrasonic scaling. To prevent the instrument from overheating, just water is utilized, with no chemicals at all.

Ultrasonic scalers use high-frequency sound waves, whereas manual scrapers often use high-pressurized water.

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Ultrasonic Scaling Benefits

While there are benefits to both scaling techniques, ultrasonic scaling has a few advantages over the conventional approach. As follows:

  • The surrounding tissue is damaged substantially less than with the conventional approach.
  • Less time is needed, and it is also less annoying. The affected region is kept cooler by the water used to maintain the scaler’s temperature.
  • Deep cleaning is better accomplished using this technique. This approach will be more effective at removing tartar or plaque that has built up in deep gum pockets.
  • This procedure allows for more precise scraping, which speeds up the healing process.


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