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Panoramic Radiographs

Panoramic Radiographs

Over the years, dental x-rays have advanced to allow dental professionals to provide their patients with the most accurate and informed diagnosis possible. Panoramic radiographs (x-rays) are becoming a staple in dental treatment due to their various clinical uses. If you have been ordered to have a panoramic radiograph done during your dental visit, it is important that you understand what it is, as well as how it can benefit your treatment.

A panoramic radiograph is an image of the entire mouth. This image allows the dentist to view the structure of the jaw as well as the positioning of the existing teeth. It is useful in the patient’s initial appointment in order to provide the dentist with a thorough look at the patient’s mouth; this allows the dentist to determine what has previously been done to the patient’s teeth, as well as what is needed to be done. Panoramic radiographs are also commonly used in order to view the positioning of the wisdom teeth, as other types of x-rays are unable to reach far enough in the back of the mouth to provide a clear image.

If you have been recommended to have a panoramic radiograph taken, you can expect a quick, painless and simple experience. The x-ray technician will first ask you to remove all jewelry and removable dental prosthetics before asking that you step inside the x-ray machine. They will then ensure that your head is evenly positioned before stepping outside the room and taking the image. The machine will turn around your head for a duration of about a minute, then the tech will enter the room and guide you out of the machine.

Palm Tree Dental is proud to offer panoramic radiograph services. For more information or to schedule an appointment in our dentist Ingleside, Tx office, give us a call at 361-238-4460 .

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