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Mouthguards- The best Bodyguard for your Teeth

Mouthguards- The best Bodyguard for your Teeth

A number of oral health issues, including severe infections and tooth decay, can be brought on by broken teeth. This is why it is Palm Tree Dental recommends using a mouthguard in circumstances like contact sports where there is a chance of jawbone and tooth trauma. Mouth guards are external layers of protection that you can wear over your teeth; they can be given to you by your dentist or bought at a store. Even though they have a very straightforward design, they can shield your lips, gums, and teeth from a powerful blow.

Mouthguards have a number of different purposes besides serving as a barrier to stop tooth injuries. The advantages of using mouthguards for their protective properties are discussed in this article.

Benefits of mouthguards

Prevents From External Injury

Being shielded from external impacts is the main advantage of using a mouth guard. This can have happened accidentally while playing ice hockey or skiing, or it might have been a purposeful strike from a contact sport. Wearing a mouth guard that fits properly can significantly lessen injury if the face or jawbone comes into contact with a strong impact. Doing so does not interfere with the sport or activity in any way.

Excellent fit

Custom mouthguards may be produced to fit perfectly thanks to emerging technology like 3D imaging. Due to this, they are now more comfortable to wear and more effective when a mouth guard is needed for safety.

Simple to maintain

Mouth guards are sophisticated protection tools, yet they don’t need additional upkeep or cleaning procedures. After wearing them, they can be easily cleaned with warm, soapy water after wearing them.


A personalized mouth guard manufactured by a reputable dentist in your area who works with a reliable manufacturer has a very high level of durability. Your mouth guard should be periodically tested by a professional to determine its fit, just like any other safety equipment, but with proper care and usage, it should last a very long time.


Mouthguards can help prevent injuries to teeth during various activities like contact sports. Contact Palm Tree Dental in Ingleside, TX at 361-238-4460 to get the best mouthguard made just for you.

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