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Electric vs Manual Toothbrushes: What’s Best?

Which does a better job of cleaning your teeth: electric or manual? We’re breaking down what you need to know. Manual Toothbrush Most people are familiar with the concept of a manual toothbrush; they’re used to manually clean the teeth. Below are some benefits of manual toothbrushes: Low price point Not necessary to charge or […]


Best Tips for Dealing with Braces

Braces require a bit of a change to your everyday lifestyle and diet. Following the tips below, you’ll be well-equipped for dealing with your braces. Thoroughly Brush Braces make it easy for food debris and bacteria to become trapped against the teeth, which can be extremely harmful to the protective enamel. Make sure that you […]


Everything You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth

If you have been informed that you will need to have your wisdom teeth removed, you may be wondering why, as well as what your wisdom teeth are, exactly. Here at Palm Tree Dental, it is our mission to ensure that our patients are as informed about their treatment in our Ingleside, Tx dental office […]


Can Your Ingleside Dentist Improve Your Bright Smile?

Many people long for the beautiful “movie-star” white smile. What many do not know is that the “perfect” smile is absolutely achievable with the help of an experienced dentist. Continue reading for more information about how Palm Tree Dental can help you improve your smile and get the look you’ve always dreamed of. Teeth Whitening […]


7 Important Tips to Follow After Root Canal Treatment

If you have recently had a root canal treatment done, it is crucial to ensure that you are properly following your dentist’s tips and recommendations for your post-op healing period. Here are 7 important tips to follow after your root canal treatment. Take prescription medications as directed Even if you do not feel pain after […]


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