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Bone Grafting: Who Really Needs It?

Bone Grafting: Who Really Needs It?

The goal of bone grafting, a significant dental procedure, is to augment the quantity of bone mass in certain jaw regions. This is typically done in regions where greater bone support is needed for a dental device like a dental implant to be accepted. It is possible to surgically fuse new bone to an existing jawbone after obtaining it from another part of the body. Artificial bone material may be utilized as a substitute in various circumstances. One of the more frequent causes of bone grafting is to provide enough bone for dental implants to be safely inserted.

Who needs a bone graft?

A Suitable Individual for Bone Graft

There are various different kinds of bone grafts, some of which use cadaver bone while others use bone from the hip or jaw of the patient. Additionally, there are instances in which various kinds of synthetic material can be employed and scenarios in which bone material from cows may be used. Understanding when bone grafting would be most helpful to the patient will help answer the question of who really requires it. For instance, someone who needs an implant due to lost teeth is often an excellent candidate for a bone graft. This is especially true if the patient’s jawbone mass is insufficient.

Bone loss due to gum diseases

As we know Periodontitis and Bone Loss go hand in hand. A patient who has lost a lot of teeth owing to gum diseases like chronic gingivitis, periodontitis, and eventual bone loss may be a good candidate for an implant followed by a dental bone graft. Additionally, bone grafting is occasionally done for aesthetic reasons. In other words, those who have lost a lot of bone in their jaw, which has an impact on their appearance, may also be suitable candidates for grafting.

Benefit From a Higher Quality of Life

The good news is that bone grafting has a very high success rate and is essentially painless thanks to contemporary dentistry. Whatever the case may be, bone grafting has significant applications in the field of dentistry today. It is a means to improve the quality of life for people who are lacking teeth. The first step is to discuss all of your possibilities for bone grafting with your dental care practitioner. Contact experts at Palm Tree Dental in Ingleside, TX at 361-238-4460 to gather more information on dental bone grafts and other crucial dental operations and treatments.

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