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Root Canals & Endodontics

Root Canals & Endodontics

If you are experiencing a sharp pain in your tooth that is sensitive to hot or cold, you may be in need of a root canal. Here at Palm Tree Dental, we are dedicated to ensuring that your experience during a root canal treatment in our Ingleside, Tx dental office is as simple and painless as possible. Going into the procedure without any knowledge about root canals and endodontics can lead to unnecessary fear or anxiety; here is some valuable information that will help you fully understand your recommended treatment.

What is a Root Canal?

To understand what a root canal is and why you need it, you must first understand the anatomy of the tooth. The hard outside layer of the tooth is known as the enamel. Below the enamel is the layer known as the dentin, followed by the pulp of the tooth, which contains the nerve and blood vessels. When the tooth is cracked or damaged to the point where the pulp is disturbed or exposed, the tooth becomes extremely sensitive to hot and cold, as it no longer has the protection of the other layers. This can be extremely painful. In order to correct this and ensure that the patient is no longer in pain, a root canal will be performed.

The Root Canal Procedure

To begin the procedure, the dentist or endodontist will numb the area. Once the patient is numb, the dentist will remove the existing decay throughout the tooth and remove the damaged nerve. The canal that contains the nerve will then be filled with a synthetic material and sealed. The tooth’s structure is rebuilt with a composite material, and the patient will then be recommended for a crown in the future in order to preserve the work that has been done and to protect the tooth. To complete the appointment, an x-ray will be taken of the tooth to document the work that has been done. The patient will return in about a week for a post-op evaluation.

Speak with your dentist or endodontist to learn more about your personal treatment plan, as well as what you can expect. To learn more or to discuss your treatment with our team or to start treatment with a specialist dentist in Ingleside, Tx, give us a call at 361-238-4460.

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