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Crowns & Bridges

Crowns & Bridges

If you are looking for dental crown or bridge treatment in Ingleside, Tx, rest assured that the professionals at Palm Tree Dental will ensure that your treatment is expertly done. Continue reading for an informational break down of dental crowns and bridges.

What Are Crowns/Bridges?

A crown is commonly referred to as a “cap”. This cap is placed over the tooth in order to protect it from acquiring damage or to preserve dental work that has been done, such as a root canal or large filling. In the past, crowns were fabricated out of metal, silver, or gold, but they are now usually made up of a combination of porcelain and metal. A bridge is just a three(or more)-unit crown that is designed to be placed over two anchor teeth in order to fill the empty space between them.

The Crown/Bridge Procedure

To begin the procedure, the dentist will numb the area. If a filling is needed, the dentist will remove all existing damage and fill the tooth with a composite material. The tooth (or teeth) will then be shaved down all around on each side to make room for the crown or bridge. The dentist will then take impressions of the tooth that will be sent to the lab for the fabrication of the crown or bridge. A “temporary” crown will be placed over the tooth for about two weeks while waiting for the permanent crown or bridge to be fabricated. The permanent crown or bridge will then be cemented in the mouth, leaving the patient with a beautifully-restored tooth. The shade of the crown or bridge will be made up to match the natural shade of teeth, so the work will be virtually undetectable to the naked eye.

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