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Replace Your Missing Teeth with Dental Bridges

Replace Your Missing Teeth with Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a popular way to repair lost teeth. On either side of the gap caused by the missing teeth, a bridge of replacement teeth, called pontics, is linked to crowns or the neighboring natural teeth. They are a fantastic technique to revive the look and quality of your smile following tooth loss, giving you a confident smile and a healthy mouth.

How dental bridges replace missing teeth

A dental bridge consists of multiple parts. Making sure the abutment teeth are sturdy and have the right support to retain the replacement teeth is the first stage. Dental crowns are typically placed on the abutment teeth to offer more strength and restore their aesthetics. This is especially true when the natural teeth require more support. Once this is done, the restoration is finished by attaching the prosthetic teeth (pontics) to the abutments.

When it is normally advised to use a dental bridge

Dental bridges are fantastic for individuals who have one missing tooth or a part of missing teeth. These are less expensive and less-invasive alternatives to dental implants.

What to anticipate long-term from a dental bridge?

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If properly maintained, a dental bridge can survive for ten years or longer. Patients can generally maintain their dental bridge in the same way they maintain their natural teeth, which includes brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash as recommended. Regular checkups at the dentist are also advised for patients to catch any issues early before they worsen.

How a dental bridge measures up to competing options?

A dental bridge offers a more stable fit than conventional partial dentures and is frequently cheaper than dental implants.

Learn more about dental bridge therapy from our staff.

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