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3 Mistakes Patients Make When Choosing a Dentist

When choosing a new dentist, it’s important to ensure that you are keeping your best interests – along with your basic needs and wants – in mind. Continue reading to learn 3 mistakes that patients make when choosing a new dentist. 1.   Choosing Convenience over Quality While of course no one wants to make an […]


Best Remedies for Wisdom Tooth Pain

Experiencing some pain in your impacted wisdom teeth? No worries. Continue reading for the best remedies for wisdom tooth pain. Rinsing with Warm Salt Water Warm salt water rinses can be extremely beneficial for ensuring that the area remains clean by killing off harmful bacteria that may hinder the healing process or lead to infection. […]


When Should Your Child Get a Tooth Extraction?

While it’s always best to allow baby teeth to fall out on their own, there are instances in which it’s best to opt for an extraction. Continue reading to learn more about when your child should get a tooth extraction. Why Avoid Extractions for Baby Teeth? Some people have the misconception that since baby teeth […]


Is Milk Good for Your Teeth?

Is milk good for your teeth? Absolutely! Continue reading to learn more about why milk is important for your dental health. Vitamin and Nutrients Milk is rich in various nutrients and vitamins that help contribute not only to good overall health, but to excellent oral health, as well. These vitamins and nutrients include: Calcium Vitamin […]


Care After Your Child Loses Baby Teeth

Has your Child Loses Baby Teeth? Aside from preparing for a visit from the tooth fairy, there’s a few things to do. Continue reading to learn more. Proper Development It’s important to take note of how old your child is when they lose their first tooth. Most children lose their first tooth around the age […]


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