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An Inside Look at the Zoom Whitening Procedure

An Inside Look at the Zoom Whitening Procedure

You may have noticed that your teeth don’t remain the same shade of white over the years. They get discoloured, and you have probably wished for them to be whiter and brighter. If your teeth-whitening toothpaste and mouth-rinse liquids are not giving you the perfect, confident smile you deserve, then here is the ideal solution!

What is Zoom Whitening Procedure?

Zoom whitening process is used to lighten the areas where the enamel and dentin of your teeth have discoloured. The most common procedure takes only around 45 minutes to an hour. A laser or LED light is set on the layer of Zoom whitening agent that will be applied over your teeth. There are other less time-consuming procedures, but the whitening is less effective. 

Are There Any Side-Effects?

The Zoom whitening agent is a powerful one and contains hydrogen peroxide. The substance makes your teeth a bit sensitive during the procedure, and you will feel warm tingles. This may be an uncomfortable sensation but dissipates soon; you will be given a sensitivity-reducing gel after the treatment. And when the light is projected, you will be given safety glasses, too. 

Some Points to Remember 

Zoom whitening sessions can usually be booked only after thorough consultation with dentists. It is a crucial step because your dental conditions must be analysed to choose the right course of treatment. A few details of the procedure may vary depending on the strength of your gums and dental restorations. It is also advised that you get a proper dental cleaning before a whitening procedure because even thorough cleanings can slightly lighten your teeth’ shade.

A quick note: the whitening occurs only on the visible outer parts of your teeth.

Zoom Whitening Aftercare 

After you walk out of the dental clinic cheerfully with bright and healthy teeth, it is your turn to maintain the whitened teeth. After the treatment session, you will be provided with the necessary regimen and material required for appropriate dental care. Food items such as coffee, tea, wine, fizzy drinks, and others must be avoided because they can stain your teeth. These food items often contribute to the initial discolouration as well. Tobacco consumption and smoking should be strictly avoided, too. Proper brushing and cleaning are essential, as always. 

You can definitely opt for whitening treatments that you can self-administer on your teeth, but even at-home treatments should be done only after consulting with a dentist and as per instructed. 

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