Schedule Your Child’s First Dental Visit


As a new parent, there are many things to learn about helping your child stay happy and healthy. One question that many new parents have is when they should ensure that their little one visits the dentist for their first check-up. Here’s some information on when to schedule your child’s first dental visit, as well as what to expect.

The Big One

Your child’s first birthday, or just a few months before, should be about the time that they should be visiting the dentist for the first time. Ideally, once their first tooth erupts from the gums, your little one should be visiting the kid’s dentist within the next six months.

What to Expect

Your little one’s first dental appointment will be fairly short and simple; your child’s dentist will take this time to introduce themselves and ensure that your child is comfortable and happy in the dental chair. They will conduct a gentle examination to take note of the growth and development of the teeth and jaw. He or she will then explain what you and your child can expect during the course of treatment, and they will let you know when they recommend for your child to return for their next check-up and give some pointers on proper home care.

Proper Home Care

Once your child’s first tooth has erupted, you can clean their gums and teeth by gently wiping them with a wet washcloth until around the age of 18 months. It is then that your child can begin brushing with a children’s fluoride toothpaste. Your dentist and hygienist will of course advise both you and your child on what they recommend for you to help them best practice proper home care.

Here at Palm Tree Dental – Professional Dentist in Ingleside, we are happy to help your little one build a long-lasting positive relationship with the dentist and caring for their oral health. To get scheduled in our Ingleside, Tx dental office, give us a call.

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