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Care After Your Child Loses Baby Teeth

Care After Your Child Loses Baby Teeth

Has your Child Loses Baby Teeth? Aside from preparing for a visit from the tooth fairy, there’s a few things to do. Continue reading to learn more.

Proper Development

It’s important to take note of how old your child is when they lose their first tooth.

Most children lose their first tooth around the age of six; this is when the adult teeth usually reach a proper point of development that allows them to start descending into the mouth.

If your child loses their first tooth earlier than this, it may be a good idea to visit the dentist for a check up to ensure that there won’t be any issues with the development of the adult tooth.

Immediate Care

When your Child Loses Baby Teeth, they may experience a tiny bit of pain or bleeding. This is extremely normal; assure your child that it is a normal part of losing a tooth and assist them in cleaning up by allowing them to rinse their mouth out and giving them a cotton ball to bite down on and stop the bleeding.

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When it comes time to brush after a tooth has been lost, you may want to supervise to ensure that your child takes care not to brush over the socket where the tooth once was.

The bristles of the brush may irritate the gum tissue and cause pain or bleeding, disrupting the healing process. Try to monitor your child’s brushing habits for the first couple days after they lose a tooth to ensure that they don’t accidentally brush the sensitive gum tissue.

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