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5 Ways to Prevent Kids’ Tooth Decay

5 Ways to Prevent Kids’ Tooth Decay

We love our kids, and we would do anything to help keep them safe and healthy. Here are a few ways you can help prevent tooth decay in your little one’s teeth.

Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay in Kids

1. Take Care of Your Own Teeth and Gums

Has anyone ever told you that children learn by example? One of the best ways you can teach your kids about proper oral hygiene is by showing them yourself! 

Set aside brushing as a time for you and your little one to spend together, and they will pick up good habits by watching you take care of your teeth.

2. Start Good Dental Hygiene Habits Young

One of the best ways you can set your kids up for a lifetime of good oral hygiene habits is to teach them young. 
Even before your child’s first tooth comes through, the gums should be cleaned after every feeding.

Once those little teeth poke through, it’s time to grab the toothbrush and toothpaste. This is a great way for you and your little one to bond every morning before you start your day and night before going to bed. 

3. Eat Healthy

Eating healthy and cutting out sugary or acidic foods can make a big difference in your child’s oral health.

It is recommended to avoid giving bottles before bedtime, as the sugars sit on the surface of the gums for long periods of time while your child sleeps. 

When children get older, they start eating a greater variety of foods. Eating lots of sticky, sugary foods and drinking lots of sugary beverages can increase your child’s risk of tooth decay. Alternatively, eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables helps to protect teeth and stimulates the production of saliva, which cleanses the mouth and makes it less acidic.  
Instead of a soda, give your little one water. Drinking water helps get rid of bacteria and reduces the production of acid. 

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4. Talk About Sealants

Even though your child is going to lose those baby teeth, we want to do everything in our power to keep their mouths healthy and prevent any issues down the road. Dental sealants are a great way to protect teeth adding an extra layer to the tooth’s surface to help prevent cavities. 

5. Dental Visits 

Children’s first dental visits are recommended to be completed on the first birthday, or close after the first tooth erupts. 

The first visit is typically very quick, usually only lasting 30-45 minutes.  These visits typically include a full exam to check growth and development of the teeth, jaw, gums, and bite. Your child will then be asked to return every six months to maintain their dental health.

Here at Palm Tree Dental, we are dedicated to helping our patients achieve the beautiful and healthy smiles of their dreams. For more information about preventing tooth decay or to get scheduled for an appointment in our Ingleside dental office, give us a call anytime at 361-238-4460.

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