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Why is wisdom tooth extraction important?

Why is wisdom tooth extraction important?

The third molars in the back of your mouth called wisdom teeth may not require extraction if they are:

  • Healthy
  • Fully Erupted
  • Perfectly Positioned And Using Their Opposing Teeth To Bite
  • Being Cleanable As Part Of Daily Hygiene Procedures

But the truth is wisdom teeth frequently lack enough space to develop normally and can lead to issues. Wisdom teeth that are about to erupt can develop in the jaw at different angles, occasionally even horizontally.

Wisdom tooth issues can include

  • Stay totally concealed within the gums – Wisdom teeth get impacted (stuck) in your jaw if they are unable to emerge normally. This can occasionally lead to infection or even a cyst that hurts near tooth roots or the bone’s support system.
  • Partially protrude through the gum – Wisdom teeth that partially erupted form a pathway that might attract bacteria that cause gum disease and oral infections since this area is difficult to notice and clean.
  • Adjacent teeth become crowded – Wisdom teeth may crowd or harm neighboring teeth if they don’t have enough room to erupt properly.

Most dentists recommend getting rid of wisdom teeth if they don’t come in all the way. A lot of dentists agree that it is best to take out wisdom teeth while they are still developing because it is easier to heal from surgery at that age. Because of this, some young adults choose to have their wisdom teeth taken out before they start to cause problems.

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You might need to have your wisdom teeth taken out if the area around them changes in ways like these:

  • Pain
  • Recurring Soft Tissue Infection Behind The Lower Final Teeth
  • Presence of Cysts
  • Tumors
  • Damage To The Teeth Close
  • Gum Illness
  • Significant Teeth Decay


Wisdom teeth don’t really make people smarter, despite what their name says. When these late-stage molars come through the gums and crowd out your other teeth, they can be very painful. Even worse, some people’s wisdom teeth have been linked to problems with their jaw alignment, sinuses, cavities that get worse over time, and cysts.

Should you get your wisdom teeth removed? Sometimes it’s hard to choose whether to have your wisdom teeth taken out. Talk to your dentist or oral surgeon about the problem’s location, health, and the best way to treat it. Contact Palm Tree Dental in Ingleside, TX at 361-238-4460 and schedule an appointment to find out.

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