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When Should Your Child Get a Tooth Extraction?

When Should Your Child Get a Tooth Extraction

While it’s always best to allow baby teeth to fall out on their own, there are instances in which it’s best to opt for an extraction. Continue reading to learn more about when your child should get a tooth extraction.

Why Avoid Extractions for Baby Teeth?

Some people have the misconception that since baby teeth will eventually fall out, it’s not a big deal if they are prematurely removed. This is not true.

The baby teeth hold the spot in the mouth while the adult teeth develop. Once the adult tooth is ready to erupt, the roots of the baby tooth will dissolve to allow for easy and relatively painless removal from the mouth.

Removing the baby tooth before it is ready can cause the child to experience more bleeding or pain than they normally would, and can lead to development issues with the adult tooth.

Extensive Damage or Decay

When there is extensive damage or decay in the tooth that simply can not be restored, the tooth will be recommended for extraction.

Crowding & Misalignment

In the case that there is crowding or misalignment in the teeth, baby teeth that are obstructive to the proper development of the adult teeth will be removed.

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It’s also common for baby teeth to be removed to ensure the proper preparation and management of space for braces.

Adult Tooth Eruption

If a baby tooth has been persistent and refuses to come out naturally despite the presence of a fully-developed adult tooth that is ready to erupt, your child’s dentist may opt for the removal of the baby tooth.

Failure to remove the baby tooth in time can result in development issues, and may be the cause of discomfort or pain for your child due to a buildup of pressure where the adult tooth is attempting to erupt.

Tooth Extractions in Ingleside, Tx

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