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Topical Fluoride can Enhance Your Child’s Dental Care

Topical Fluoride can Enhance Your Child's Dental Care

Topical fluorides are the type of fluorides found in toothpaste and the ones that dentists use to apply to teeth. Topical fluorides reduce the growth of plaque bacteria by inhibiting their metabolism. It also encourages remineralisation of teeth enamel and strengthens the development of teeth in children. In addition, since Fluoride is a naturally occurring element, it can make enamel more resistant to acids that cause tooth decay.

How can Fluoride help with dental care?

With the remineralisation process, fluorides can help strengthen your child’s permanent teeth. Since fluorides help tooth decay and cavity, you can ensure that topical Fluoride will also help your children by hardening their teeth before they emerge from their gums. Since the food we eat and the acids we produce can demineralise the teeth, applying topical Fluoride will remineralise them and stop weakening teeth’ enamel. Since your child’s enamel can absorb the Fluoride, it can reverse and re-harden the soft spots and make your child’s teeth stronger.

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Is it necessary for my kid to get topical Fluoride applied?

You might wonder why your child needs to receive topical Fluoride from a dentist when you can use fluoride toothpaste too. Topical Fluoride is that topical applications are usually stronger than fluoride toothpaste or fluoridated water supplies, so they have a more significant effect.

The topical application result is also long-lasting compared to fluoridated water or toothpaste.

Fluoridated water has to be ingested before it travels through the bloodstream to reach your teeth, which takes time. However, Directly applying topical Fluoride to your teeth can give faster results and strengthen your child’s teeth. Using fluoride toothpaste does not have the same effect as the topical application because Fluoride in toothpaste and other oral hygiene products is typically very low, and it cannot protect or strengthen your child’s teeth as much.

Is it safe to use topical Fluoride?

Several studies have shown no long-term effect of topical fluoride application on your child’s health. However, if they accidentally swallow the fluoride solution while their dentists apply it to their teeth, they might experience nausea, headaches and stomach pain.

Therefore, you need to choose a dentist with years of experience in topical fluoride application and a dental clinic that will help you understand the process quickly.

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