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Benefits of a Fixed Bridge

Patients who have missing teeth may find relief using dental bridges. Speaking and eating may be more difficult due to the space the missing tooth has left. A dental bridge fixes the prosthetic crown that replaces the missing tooth with healthy teeth on either side of the space. Why Choose Dental Bridges? A good oral […]


Are You Overbrushing Your Teeth?

You regularly brush and floss because you are aware of how important proper oral hygiene is. But is it possible to overbrush your teeth? Yes, dentists agree. Overbrushing, also known as excessive brushing, can harm your teeth and gums. Read more to know what exactly is over brushing and what harm might it do? And […]


What to Do If Your Child Chips, Cracks, Or Knocks Out A Tooth

Being top-heavy, still acclimated to walking and running, and frequently being fearless, children fall down often, so it’s not unexpected that their teeth might take the brunt of the blow. You’ll be more equipped to handle a dental emergency if your child breaks, chips, or loses a tooth if you know what to do (and […]


Fluoride Is Not Just for Kids

For a variety of reasons, many people might be hesitant to consider in-office fluoride treatments. Cost, a lack of knowledge, a misunderstanding, misinformation, inconvenience, a perception of social media, or a perceived necessity for treatment are some of the reasons given. Why a Fluoride Treatment is Adviced? Fluoride is used in dentistry and is advised […]


3 Ways to Start the Year with a Healthy Smile

Whether your last year was filled with too much sugar and missed dental cleanings, there is still time to start this one right with a healthier and brighter smile. Here are three more ideas to help you get that gleaming grin in 2023: Have an Oral Hygiene Routine Make sure you brush your teeth twice […]


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