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Why You Should be Brushing Your Tongue?

Why You Should be Brushing Your Tongue

Wondering why it’s important to brush your tongue? Continue reading to learn more.

Proper Home Care

In order to properly manage your oral health, it’s crucial to practice proper home care.

Most people know that this means brushing for at least two minutes twice daily, followed by thorough flossing.

What most people don’t know is that it’s crucial to ensure that the tongue is thoroughly brushed, as well.

Why Brush the Tongue?

Dental bacteria and food particles build up on the tongue, just as they do on the surface of the teeth.

Once the bacteria builds up, it has the potential to cause:

  • Bad breath due to the high bacteria content
  • Damage or decay in the teeth and gums (even if the teeth are brushed, coming in contact with the tongue can immediately compromise their health)

The tongue must be brushed to remove the bacteria; contrary to popular belief, rinsing with mouthwash will not ensure that the job is done, as the bacteria forms on the tongue in a sticky film.

How to Properly Brush the Tongue

There are a few ways to properly clean the tongue of harmful bacteria:

  • Toothbrush: Simply use a toothbrush and brush the surface of the tongue, ensuring that you reach all surfaces. Some toothbrushes even come equipped with a tongue brush on the back that allow you to easily switch from cleaning your teeth to cleaning your tongue.
  • Tongue Scraper: This is a tool that is specially designed to help you quickly and easily scrape the bacteria from the surface of the tongue. If you feel this would be easier for you than brushing your tongue, this may be a good investment for you.

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