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Pros and cons of permanent dentures

Pros and cons of permanent dentures

If you have one or more missing teeth, you have several treatment choices to restore function and beauty to your smile, including dentures.

Dentures are a nonexpensive way to replace missing teeth. However, if not properly fitted, removable dentures can loosen and shift with time, causing discomfort and impeding speaking and eating.

Risks associated with Removable Dentures

  • Long-term use of removable dentures can cause resorption of jaw bone loss which means jaw bone loss.
  • Another problem is having to deal with messy and sticky denture adhesives, which are not the best way of retaining removable dentures in place.

Introducing Permanent Dentures

Most patients can now get the benefit of Permanent Dentures. Permanent Dentures are fixed and are made up of a row of prosthetic teeth attached to a framework held in place by dental implants. Permanent dentures make eating, chewing, biting, speaking, and smiling easier as patients don’t have to worry about their dentures slipping and sliding.

How are Permanent Dentures Placed?

An oral evaluation of the patient’s dentition is typically followed by scanning of the jawbone to establish the precise places for implant placements – two in the anterior region and two at the back of the jawbone. Following the healing phase, the permanent dentures will be attached to the implants, during which time the implants will be biologically bound to the jawbone in a process called osseointegration.

Pros and Cons of Permanent Dentures

The Pros of Permanent Dentures

  • In comparison to traditional implants, permanent dentures require less invasive surgery and healing timeframes, as well as reduced post-op discomfort.
  • Patients with permanent dentures can function more easily while eating or speaking than those with detachable dentures.
  • Increase the dispersion of biting force;
  • Long-lasting and durable;
  • Simple upkeep – no need to remove for cleaning;
  • Can be done in a minimum number of dental implants.
  • Permanent dentures support facial structures, prevent bone resorption, and give patients a more natural appearance.
  • For maximum comfort, fixed dentures fit better than detachable dentures. Can be customized for a precise fit.

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Cons of Permanent Dentures

  • Permanent dentures require surgery, so the skill of the dentist and the patient’s health matter a lot while getting them.
  • They may also be more susceptible to infection and inflammation. Most people, however, will not encounter infection, irritation, or oral diseases with adequate cleaning and regular dental treatments.
  • Permanent dentures are more expensive.

If you are thinking about obtaining permanent dentures, it is a good idea to consult with a knowledgeable and skilled cosmetic dentist to make an informed decision. Call Palm Tree Dental today to book a consultation with one of our friendly dentists to learn more about our complete range of procedures, including Permanent Dentures.

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