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Can I Have Teeth Whitening Done If I Have a Dental Crown?

can I have teeth whitening done if I have a dental crown

A crown can restore a tooth that is fractured or severely decaying, however, it may interfere with teeth whitening. You may wonder if bleaching is an option because dental crowns are constructed of a different material than natural teeth. It is preferable to discuss your alternatives with the dentist before moving forward with the procedure.

Knowing about dental crowns

Typically, porcelain or composite resin is used to make crowns. Dental crowns will be made using impressions of the patient’s teeth if the dentist advises them in order to cover the damaged tooth. The crown is cemented over the tooth and has a seven-year lifespan.

The dentist will make sure the crown is made to match the colour of the neighbouring teeth. The crown will appear whiter than the neighbouring teeth if natural teeth gradually start to yellow or discolour. Fortunately, unlike natural teeth, dental crowns won’t change over time and won’t show stains as easily.

Knowing about teeth whitening

The following categories best describe the majority of teeth whitening options:

Whitening kits: available over the counter: Enamel can be bleached with products containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in varying concentrations. These bleaching agents can be found in toothpaste, whitening strips, trays, and gels. These products, which are sold in stores, enable people to whiten their teeth at home to a few shades.

Pastes and polishes: Some toothpaste and whitening treatments contain abrasives that function similarly to skin exfoliators. They don’t significantly alter the colour of the tooth and merely remove light stains. The teeth only become slightly white when surface stains are removed.

In-office Treatment: Patients might inquire about in-office treatment with their dentist for more pronounced outcomes. The whitening substance the dentist uses is more potent and produces better results. The safest and most efficient teeth whitening procedure is one that the dentist may design based on the state of the patient’s smile.

Whitening The Crown Of A Teeth

Although existing teeth cannot be bleached, the dentist can do so to make them almost identical in colour to dental crowns. Dental crowns made of porcelain can survive the potent whitening solutions used in dentist offices. Fortunately, this implies that patients can get tooth whitening without causing any harm to the old dental work.

Dental crowns won’t be harmed by the whitening procedure, but it won’t make them whiter. The remaining teeth can be made whiter through teeth whitening. If bleaching the teeth to match dental crowns is not an option, the crowns can be replaced to match the surrounding teeth. In this method, the dentist can completely whiten the patient’s mouth and restore their smile.


Speak with your dentist if you have one or more crowns and wish to whiten your teeth. They can make the best treatment recommendations to guarantee that the natural teeth and crowns are turned all the way. In order to address your question, yes, you can whiten your teeth even if they have crowns. Make a consultation appointment to get started.

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