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Best Tips for Dealing with Braces

Best Tips for Dealing with Braces

Braces require a bit of a change to your everyday lifestyle and diet.

3 Best Tips for Dealing with Braces

Thoroughly Brush

Braces make it easy for food debris and bacteria to become trapped against the teeth, which can be extremely harmful to the protective enamel.

Make sure that you are following through with brushing thoroughly for at least two minutes twice each day. If possible, brush after each meal to ensure that food particles are not allowed to linger.

Flossing can be a bit tricky when wearing braces. It’s for this reason that special brace-friendly floss picks are available at any drugstore. Simply use the picks to reach in-between the brackets and remove any debris.

A waterpik can also be instrumental in ensuring that you are able to thoroughly clean all areas in the mouth.

Avoid Hard, Sticky Foods

Gummies, hard candy, caramel, and gum are all examples of foods that should be avoided while wearing braces.

Hard and sticky foods have the potential to get caught up in the brackets, which can lead to damage or decay in the tooth enamel. In some cases, they may cause the brackets to break.

It’s best to avoid these types of foods all together in order to ensure the longevity of your braces and the health of your teeth.

Dental Visits

It’s always important to keep up with regular visits to the dentist Ingleside TX, but it’s absolutely crucial when you have braces.

Ensure that you are following up both with your orthodontist as well as your dentist; your orthodontist will ensure that your orthodontic treatment is progressing as it should, and your dentist will monitor the health of your teeth to ensure that no issues go unnoticed.

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